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Central Market, Alicante

A lively bustling market selling all types of fresh produce and with some wonderful tapas bars where you can enjoy the freshest tapas Alicantino!

Our Review

Where better to while away some time than in a the central market in Alicante!  It’s a great place simply to wander around and enjoy a typical Spanish market atmosphere with all types of produce from fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, spices, you name it.  There are even some wonderful tapas bars where the food is probably the freshest in all Alicante!


2 floors of indoor market to explore. We ventured downstairs to the fish & veg first, all individual stall holders selling their fresh produce, very clean environment and very friendly stall holders willing to try their English and let you try your Spanish. Upstairs the stalls groaned with fresh meat, cooked meats, cheeses, tapas bars and a sight to see the women queuing & haggling for whole rabbits, pigs heads, trotters, tripe etc. Spent a good hour mooching round and making some purchases. Definitely worth a visit and an educational one for kids and adults alike.


When we have arrived at Alicante we did our grocery shopping in the supermarket - what a waste of money. We could not believe that prices can be that high and decided to find a market where the locals shop. What a find! You can find anything you like in there - fresh meat, veg, fruit, fish, seafood, eggs and at a great value. People are extremely friendly and you are also supporting local farmers & people - win win situation.

Julia S

A must see on a Saturday afternoon plenty of people about. 🙂 have a walk round the market and then go out the back for a drink and sit and watch the world go by.


It looks as though this old building has been restored relatively recently and it houses a fabulous market. Fish, veg, meat all fresh and little cafes inside and out. Obviously mostly a locals place but the vendors were very helpful in recommending things to try. Allow about an hour to wander around and sample all of the goodies.

Cliff T


Mercado Central, Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio, Alicante

Central Market

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Mercado Central, Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio, Alicante

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